7 not so famous wonders of the Ancient World

7 not so famous wonders of the Ancient World

In a modern era when we sight impressive architecture, there is something to be said about structures from the past. The world is littered with various ancient sites that one could see in a lifetime. These ruins have withstood the test of time and stand strong for travelers to marvel at. Well, the construction of these ancient monuments, temples, and cities still remain mysterious however building such monuments in this day and age would be immensely impressive. Here are 7 not so famous ancient ruins around the world that you can see for yourself.

1. Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka Image by Poswiecie from Pixabay

Sigiriya or Sinhagiri in Sri Lanka is an ancient rock fortress located in the Central Province. Sigiriya served as a place of religious and archaeological significance in the past. The fortification of this massive rock rises to a height of 660 feet. The fort and the city complex were built around 1500 years ago and served as a religious retreat back in the third century BC and acted as a mountain monastery for Buddhist monks after the end of King Kashyapa’s reign. This famous fortress is today one of the World Heritage Sites and is recognized for the spectacular paintings that were done centuries ago. Today only a few traces can be seen of the frescoes.

2. Bagan Ancient City, Burma

Bagan Ancient City, Burma – Image by Klaus Torsten Klaeden from Pixabay

Bagan is one of the ancient and the greatest cities of Myanmar and Southeast Asia. It was an incredible city in the past which is now in ruins and sadly unknown to a lot of travelers. Though it is not yet clear what happened in Bagan and how this city in Southeast Asia was left abandoned. The historians believe that in the 13th century the population fled and left this gigantic place filled with temples and palaces to the will of fate. The grand palaces and monasteries that were built out of wood were destroyed however the pagodas made of stone still stand strong and in good condition.

3. Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey

Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey – Image by – MusikAnimal [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Out of the many underground cities, Derinkuyu is the deepest of them all. At one time this underground city housed over 20,000 people. Derinkuyu was founded approx. in the 8th – 7th centuries BC and was made Open to the public since 1965. The underground city was mostly used for defensive purposes with large stone discs used to restrict entry. Today Derikuyu is a not so famous tourist destination that stretches over 250 feet below the ground level. This 18 storey underground city is the deepest subterranean metropolis.

4. Stone Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey – Image by Fanny Schertzer [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]

The Mysterious Stone Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe is the most stunning historical monument in Africa built 900 years ago. The stone structures create a breathtaking view, leaving visitors puzzled about the historical events and the reason why such an impressive structure is abandoned. Today Great Zimbabwe is a national symbol for the modern-day country of Zimbabwe and known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

5. Chand Baori, India

Chand Baori, India – Image by rarestohanean from Pixabay

Located in one of the famous tourist states of India, Chand Baori is a not so famous spot in Rajasthan. This square step-well was built over a thousand years ago probably between the 9th and 10th century. It is a 13 storey deep well which has double staircases. Chand Baori is one of the oldest attractions of Rajasthan located in the village of Abhaneri on Jaipur-Agra highway. In the past, it was one of the communities gathering place for both locals and royals. The various formations of light and shadow make this architectural beauty more fascinating. Today Chand Baori is one of the well-preserved UNESCO recognized world heritage sites of India.

6. Baalbek, Lebanon

Chand Baori, India – Image by djedj from Pixabay

This not so famous archaeological site is based in Lebanon. Baalbek was founded in early 9000 BC as a holy spot for worshipping for the Mesopotamian, Romans, Christians and Islamic faith. The town is known for its well-known Roman ruins that stand tall with towering monuments and impressive columns till date. It is the most prized historical treasure of Lebanon which also gives the most picture-perfect sites in the world. This ancient site has been beautifully preserved and is always alive with music festivals and various cultural programs.

7. Tower of Hercules, Spain

World Heritage Sites

Tower of Hercules, Spain – Image by bpisaca from Pixabay

Built by the end of the 1st century and beginning of the 2nd by the Romans on the coasts of Spain. This Roman lighthouse was refurbished in 1788 by the orders of King Charles IV of Spain. Located in the city of Corunna, Galicia it may not be Spain’s best-known monument, but it is worth a visit for the great history it carries. It is the only lighthouse of its kind, which is still surviving from the Greco-Roman era. This 180 f180-foot tower still stands strong and offers a spectacular view of Spain’s north Atlantic coast and Corunna harbor.

So, next time when you are on a quest to explore the wonders of the ancient world, be sure to include some of these lesser-known attractions and world heritage sites on your itinerary. No doubt that our planet is literally littered with ancient ruins and you will surely find such hidden treasures in every part of the world.

Author: Auralyn, April 06, 2019


Huda April 8, 2019

These are definitely lesser known places but still breathtakingly beautiful!

cait April 8, 2019

eek this is so inspiring and def something id love to check off my bucket list one day- these place so incredible i bet they are even more spectacular in person!

Ritu Sharma April 8, 2019

Wow this is a great experience to visit this places and I am glad you share it here!

Arun Dahiya April 8, 2019

Awwe. Perfect. Everyone knows about the famous wonders. But not many of these one’s. Have been to Rajasthan, that place is beautiful.

Trip April 8, 2019

Some of these wonders if I know them. One of the ones you mention is in my country, the Tower of Hercules.
They declared it in 2009, a world heritage site, for being a beacon of antiquity and a legacy of the Roman network of lighthouses on the Spanish coasts.
Good day!!

Jessa B April 9, 2019

oh my god!!! use never heard of these places!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Jessa B April 9, 2019

oh my god!!! i have never heard of these wonders of the ancient world!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Bree April 9, 2019

I did not know 1/2 of these actually – wow! They are really wonders and I wish I could see them all.

Genny Gall April 9, 2019

Undoubtedly, there are spectacular places in the world that I must know.

Adriana April 9, 2019

wow these are so amazing! I really want to visit india some day and see these amazing places.

Michael April 9, 2019

Thank you for this list. man, 1 and 5 are so nice I want to add them in my bucket list already. UGH.

Alexandra Cook April 9, 2019

Never been to these places but these look very vibrant to relax and unwind. Thanks for showing me another great place to add to my bucket list.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo April 9, 2019

Wow. These places look stunning and have so much history in them. It would be an amazing experience to see them all in person.

Ashli Ferguson April 9, 2019

That stone kingdom looks really amazing! I want to visit that place most!

Kalyan Panja April 9, 2019

Thanks for sharing about these interesting places. I would love to be there and enjoy the scenery.

roamy April 9, 2019

For whatever reason, I have never heard any of this, seems like im living in a hidden world or I should start travelling and reading more.Thanks for sharing.

HilLesha April 9, 2019

I have never heard any of these places before, but I’m intrigued! I’d love to visit some of these places, especially Derinkuyu Underground City in Turkey.

Angela Ricardo April 9, 2019

Thank you so much for all of these interesting and informative trivia about this place. The views are also impressive and magnificent.

Dr. K. Lee Banks April 10, 2019

For real, I’ve never heard of any of these – like you said, Not so famous places to visit. I think my favorite is Chand Baori. How fascinating! I love the meticulous design of the steps and levels.

sudipa April 10, 2019

I did not know about many of them.But the places look intriguing and worth visiting.

aisasami April 10, 2019

I never heard of these places before, I have to check them out!

Danang Sutani April 10, 2019

It is a very grand heritage! that is also an amazing sight, hoping to someday be able to visit one of them, I really like the ancient trail..wow!

Hirra Pervaiz April 11, 2019

We couldn’t visit the underground city on our trip to Turkey, it’s beautiful. The other places seem pretty amazing to and worth visiting

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