10 most famous fairy tale castles in the Czech Republic!

10 most famous fairy tale castles in the Czech Republic!

If you love art and architecture then you should surely love the Castle Capital of the World, the Czech Republic. This tiny country is home to over hundreds of spectacular castles that will give you a feeling of being at a wonderland. The Czech Republic is littered with mansions and royal residences which have been part of children’s story. Today some of the castles act as exhibition halls and excellent wedding venues. Since it is captioned as the castle capital of the world you will be fascinated by the historic architecture of the city. A few of the mansions and palaces remain closed during the winter season however the exterior of the mansions is open all through the year. The outskirts of the mansion comprise of parks, forests, and ancient sculpture.

Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle

Image by Víťa Válka from Pixabay

In 1348, Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor build Karlstejn Castle. The castle was built as part of his private residence and as a place for preserving the royal treasure which included his collection of holy relics and Imperial Crown Jewels. From the time the castle has been built, it has been in the hands of the king or operated by the state institution. The main attraction of the castle is a set of 129 paintings created by Master Theodoric in the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a replica of the Royal Crown of Bohemia, a unique castle well.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

Prague Castle is an iconic landmark and an ancient symbol of the Czech State. This monument was founded in the year 880 by Prince Borivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty. Prague Castle was recorded by Guinness Book of World Record for being the largest coherent castle complex in the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the large-scale composition of the palaces and various type of apostolic architectures. Over the past few years, Prague Castle has undergone various repairs and reconstructions and it stands as one of the most beautiful castles in the country.

State Český Krumlov Castle

Český Krumlov Castle

Český Krumlov Castle – Image by VitVit [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

The State Castle of Cesky Krumlov is an important historical sight in the central European region. The building was constructed in the 14th – 19th century and has been preserved till date. The castle is one of the largest in Central Europe. This monument comprises of around forty buildings and palaces around the castle courts and a castle park. After the gigantic Prague Castle, Cesky Krumlov castle is the second largest. Its main tower features beautiful and colorful façade and it will capture your attention. If you are brave enough to climb the spiral staircase, you will be treated with the breathtaking views of Cesky Krumlov.

Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle

Image by Lenka Sevcikova from Pixabay

It is one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic. This 13th-century castle was built by King Premysl Otakar II and Schwarzenberg family got its possession in the year 1661, and they renovated the castle to how it appears today which is called the Neo-Gothic appearance. From the time Hluboka Castle was built, it was reconstructed four times, the Schwarzenberg family built 140 lavishly adorned rooms, eleven towers and bastions and it was successfully transformed into a New Gothic gem. If you love castles, then you cannot afford to miss Hluboka which is a true fairytale gem.

Lednice Chateau

Lednice Chateau

Image by: https://pixabay.com/images/id-1906545/

Lednice Chateau is a marvelous jewel in the crown of the Lednice-Valtice Complex. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful complexes in the New-Gothic style in entire Europe. It is also included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites. The present appearance of the Neo-Gothic style is from 1843-1850. The ground floor showcases exceptionally rich wood carvings where a variety of timber and other fine details is used. The carved spiral staircase in the chateau library is the highlight of this building. Apart from this, the building has private rooms of the princely family, children’s and guest rooms.

Bouzov Castle

Bouzov Castle

Image by Tomáš Zrnka from Pixabay

Bouzov Castle has an impressive castle and looks no less than those fairytale castles. This famous monument in Central Moravia was built in the 13th century and it has been used as a setting for dozens of movies. This romantic castle attracts tourists from various parts of the world. The main thing that will capture your attention will be the symbols of the Teutonic Knights. These figures prominently appear in the castle. You will also see a figure of Saint George which remains part of the order symbol.

Kroměříž Archbishop Castle

Kroměříž Archbishop Castle

Pudelek (Marcin Szala) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

The Kroměříž Archbishop Castle is one of the most attractive places in the Czech Republic. In 1998 UNESCO declared the Archbishop’s Chateau, the flower garden, and the Chateau Garden as world heritage sites. Kroměříž Archbishop Castle is an ancient Baroque complex of libraries which is one of the picturesque castles with beautiful interiors. Besides the royal residence is a stunning and extensive garden with a small zoo. It has various towers from where you can wander and marvel at the astonishing views of the whole town of Kroměříž.

Kost Castle

Kost Castle

Image By: https://libreshot.com/kost-castle/

Kost Castle is one of the best-preserved Gothic castles in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in the year 1371 and it went through a major renovation in the 1950s. This hidden gem is nestled amidst dense forests unlike other Bohemian castles located on the hills. The trapezoid architecture of the castle is one of the unique features which makes it look more beautiful.

Orlik Castle

Orlik Castle

Image by: tresbohemes

It is a real pearl among the Czech monuments. Tourists find themselves captivated with its unique landscape positioned on the shores of the Orlicke jezero. The romantic interiors enchant the visitors with a rich collection which is immersed in its history.  The exact date of the foundation of Orlik Castle is yet not clear however it has been identified that it was used to protect the trade trail. Orlik Castle went through a transformation in the 13th and 14th century and was renovated into a strong Gothic castle and it was served as one of the many pillars and administrative centers of the royal era.

Valtice Castle

Valtice Castle

Image by kerut from Pixabay

This Gothic castle was founded in the year 12th century by the bishops of Passau. However, in 1530 Valtice became home to the Royal family of Liechtenstein. The beautifully adorned premises of the castle demonstrate the wealth of the family. Architects from the 17th and 18th century have contributed to the formation and architecture of this beautiful masterpiece. During the year Valtice castle was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

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Author: Auralyn, May 19, 2019


Sondra Barker May 25, 2019

These castles are absolutely stunning. I would love to visit one day and see all the glory in person!

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I liked all these fairy tale castles but Prague castle seems most interesting to me!

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The Czech Republic is an amazing place to travel in. We visited Cesky Krumlov on a train tour of Central Europe and were really blown away by it. The castle is stunning but the town it overlooks is equally amazing. We had to take 2 trains and a bus to get there due to railworks but it was absolutely worth it. We hope to be doing some more travelling in the Czech Republic very soon.

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Czech is so beautiful. I hope they take better care of their older buildings as they did 20 years ago. Hope to visit again in the future.

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The Bouzov castle looks really stunning! I’d love to have a visit.

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I love the architecture in the Czech Republic! Their castles look like they’re straight out of a fairytale and its just so cute.

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This was such a thorough guide! I truly appreciate the effort that you put into making sure you left nothing out, and now I feel like I must visit the Czech Republic! Your photos are stunning as well

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It is indeed a lovely place to explore, Such great captures I must say that and your description is lovely and the castles look really wonderful.

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My neighbour country, I love it! The architecture is amazing, it takes to dreamy places !

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