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Interesting facts about Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a new addition to one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations on Earth. The bridge was open for public in June 2018 and has been staked to be one of the most stunning bridges on Earth. A pair of unique gia...

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The Spiritual Journey of Hajj 2017, all you need to know!

Hajj is the greatest Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which is the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed. One of the five pillars of Islam state that all the Muslim individuals once in a lifetime should undertake Hajj i.e. is a pilgrimage to ...

Mecca: The Heart Of The Islamic World

Mecca is the heart of the Islamic world, heliport of revelation and the holiest places in the world. Islamic civilization began from the glory of its mountains, the center of science and cultural diversity. Hundreds of years till ...

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