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Beirut is often called “Paris of the Middle East”. It is the capital and the largest city of Lebanon. Beirut offers marvelous views and experiences. The city experiences coastal climate and the rocky beaches, sandy shores and cliffs adds to the beauty of the city. The culture of this diverse coast has evolved over the time and have come a long way from many civilizations. If you feel like taking a break from your routine, Beirut is a hotspot it has a lot to offer like shopping, socializing and sightseeing despite of its disturbing history. 

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Airport in Beirut:

Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is a Lebanon Airport located in Beirut. It is the main airport to enter the country along with Port of Beirut. The airport is located approx. 9 to 10 Kms from the city area i.e. the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. It is the operational commercial airport in the country. The main terminal of the airport comprises of duty-free shops, restaurant and a lounge. The airport caters to almost all the major airlines flying from major international destinations. 

About Beirut: 

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon and one of the best holiday destination. The city sets a great example by defying socioeconomic situation in Lebanon. You will take back a lot of unforgettable memories on your visit to this city. Beirut one of the Middle East city is a real illustration of East meets west. It is fast-paced city with friendly locals and chaotic city. It has an outstanding display of museums, galleries, architecture, restaurants that truly defines the Lebanon culture. 

Best Places to visit in Beirut:

Though the city is small, it has lot of exciting sights and activities to pursue in Beirut. Beirut Central District, American University of Beirut Campus, Robert Mouawad Private Museum, National Museum of Beirut, Hamra Street, Corniche, Metropolis Art Cinema, Grand Omari Mosque, Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Beirut Art Centre and a few more. 

Weather in Beirut