Book Cheap Flights to Kuwait

Book cheap Flights to Kuwait

Kuwait City is the capital and is the economic, cultural and political hub of Kuwait situated on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait is an interesting mix of high-rise buildings, modern shopping malls, traditional street markets, Islamic architecture and ancient buildings. If you are planning to visit Kuwait for business or leisure we have listed the best flight rates. In order to avail discounted flight fares you will have to book the flights in advance.

Airport in Kuwait

Kuwait International Airport (KWI) is based in Kuwait City. The airport serves Kuwait with flights to domestic and international destinations. It is a major link to the outside world. The airport does not experience much traffic it offers an impressive range of facilities making it a pleasant place to arrive and depart. The international airport offers direct and stopover flights from various our countries. If you have your flight from Dubai to Kuwait you are most likely to land to KWI.

About Kuwait City

Kuwait is an Arab country situated in the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula. Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait. The country owns the world’s sixth largest oil reserves. Kuwait City has plenty of attractions which includes excellent museums, galleries and beautiful corniche with beaches and extravagant restaurants. Kuwait being a Muslim country is very strict in terms of how you dress and behave in public. While for travelers visiting Kuwait for the first time should follow certain rules so that the local population does not get offended.

Best Places to visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is a place where modern meets the traditional culture. It is truly a magical place and you can experience the wilderness the longer you stay. You can visit the Kuwait Towers, The Grand Mosque, Failaka Island, House of Mirrors, Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait National Museum, Kuwait House of National Works and a lot more. 

Weather in Kuwait