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Mashhad is the second largest and the holiest city of Iran. The city is filled with stories. The main attractions of the city is the beautiful, massive mosques. Over 20 million pilgrims flock here each year in honor of Imam Reza. Even if you are not following Islam you will be thrilled with the pain and suffering he has gone through. Are you searching for cheap flights to Mashhad? Find the best airfares on Mashhad flights with Our search engines help you find cheap flights to Mashhad at the lowest airfares, you will also find last minute availability. Avail the best flight rate by comparing Mashhad flights from various airlines with

Airport in Mashhad

Mashhad International Airport is also known as Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport, it is the primary airport to enter Mashhad. The airport code if MHD. The airport offers operates in various domestic and international routes. The airport has multiple facilities for the passengers such has ATMs, exchange office, prayer rooms, baggage store office, Duty free shops, refreshment options such as cafeteria and restaurants.

About Mashhad

Mashhad is the second largest and the holiest city of Iran. The city is located in the northeast province of Khorasan. It is a historically important city along the Silk Road. Mashhad means “place of martyrdom”, inspired from the fact of accommodating the tomb of Imam Reza. Mashhad has been attracting travelers since ancient times. The city is home to the tomb of historical prophets along with the tomb of Imam Reza you will find tomb of Nadir Shah, great poet Ferowsi in Tus.

Best Places to visit in Mashhad

Mashhad is a pilgrim destination, there are various things to see and do on your visit to this holy land. You can visit Imam Reza Shrine Complex, Shrine Complex Museums, Kuh-E Sangi Park, Mashhad Bazaar, Boq’eh-Ye Khajeh Rabi, Tomb of Ferdowsi, Tus, Tomb Of Omar Khayyam, Neishapur, Kang Village, Radkan Tower, Bazehur Fire Temple, Gombade Sabz Mausoleum, Nader Shah Park & Mausoleum and more.

Weather in Mashhad