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About Iraq

Iraq is a Middle Eastern country which lies on the northern end of the Persian Gulf accompanies by small coastline towards the south-east of the country. The country is surrounded by Iran towards the east, Kuwait towards the south, Saudi Arabia towards the southwest, and Jordan, Syria, and Turkey towards the west, northeast, and north respectively. The country is known for the oldest civilization which includes the Babylonian and the Assyrians. Since Iraq had a rough past when one thinks of the country it gives the image of smoky battlefields, cruise missiles, charging tanks and more. Hence the county is struggling hard to attract tourists like other countries. However other than the scars of the past, there is much to see in Iraq.

Airports in Iraq

Iraq is served by many airports which includes Al Muthana Airport (BGW), Baghdad International Airport (SDA), Balad Airport (XQC), Bamerny Airport (BMN), Baqubah Airport (XQV), Basra International Airport (BSR), Erbil International Airport (EBL), Khan Al Baghdadi Airport (XIH), Kirkuk Airport (KIK), Mosul Airport (OSM), Al Najaf International Airport (NJF), Nasiriyah Airport (XNH), Ramidi Airport (XTM) and Tikrit Airport (XTV). These airports have scheduled flights to and from Iraq on a regular basis to domestic and international destinations.

Best places to visit in Iraq

Iraq has ample of things to see and do for the first-time visitors which includes Erbil, Erbil, Ziggurat of Ur, National Museum, Basra, Karbala, Hatra, Dur-Kurigalzu, Sulaymaniyah, Ishtar Gate, Babylon, Ctesiphon, Mosul, Dahuk, Saddam's Palace, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Zakho and more.

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