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The UAE airport is one of the international airports and is known widely for the fantastic arrangement of the terminal spaces. This is dominated by Eithad Airways and stand among the second largest air carrier after the Emirates. The operations at the airport is owned by the Dubai airport and managed by the same. The capacity of the airport to hold the passengers are so high that the airport hubs have an all world acclamation. Infact you can book airline tickets from the counter and that too in no time.

What to do?

The place is well known for all the luxury shopping as well as the price tag could take a toll on your wallet. Yet do not lose your heart. The city is reputed for the wonderful museums and mountains too. Try the Hazar Mountain and catch wonders of many ancient moments. If you have saved on the cheap and yet avail the best airfare deals with you would feel the temptation to catch some more moments in the place which would be within your budget.

Historical wonders of UAE

The earliest human occupation in the UAE was recorded with latest evidences as 5500 BC or 7500 years. If you are planning for a visit to Arab country and please do not miss out to update your travelling experience with the historical wonders of UAE. Before you book your airline tickets to return, make sure that you visit the couple of historical places. The city has fantastic transport system therefore it would prove to be beneficial for the visitors. Catch the glimpse of ancient architecture in the country.