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The airport of Uzbekistan is among the busiest airport in Uzbekistan. It holds the honour to be among the 3rd busiest airport in the Central Asia. The two terminals in the airport manages the traffic so great that people relish the moments even in their short visit to this international airport. Infact you can book airline tickets from here. Infact you can catch the glimpse of all luxuries in the city stores. The distance of the airport from the main city is about 12 Kms that is calculated upto 7.5 miles.

What to do?

If you have saved on the cheap and yet avail the best airfare deals to Uzbekistan and would feel the temptation to catch some more moments in the place which would be within your budget. The place is well known for all the luxury shopping as well as the price tag could take a toll on your wallet. Yet do not lose your heart. The city is reputed for the wonderful museums. Try the Kalyan Mosque and catch wonders of many ancient moments.

Historical wonders of Uzbekistan:

If you are planning for a visit to Uzbekistan please do not miss out to update your travelling experience with the historical wonders of Uzbekistan. Before you book your airline tickets to return, make sure that you visit the couple of historical places. The city has cheap transport system therefore it would prove to be beneficial for the visitors. Catch the glimpse of ancient architecture in the country.