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When Planning A Visit To A Historical City- Bukhara It Should Be Without Any Doubt

Known for buildings and monuments that are thousands of years old, the entire feel of Bukhara city is extremely vintage and classic. If you have been planning a visit to an ancient city that allows you to explore all those historical elements, ensure that you make a visit to Bukhara for sure.

Best Place to Stay in Bukhara

Now that Bukhara has become active on the global travel map, tourists of all types have started to visit this place. Although, the city is an ideal for weekend travel, you are going to find that the tourist foot fall is quite high. To get rooms in a budget hotel, the travelers need to go with online hotel booking as it is much more convenient.

Historical Places in Bukhara

With enough in its kitty for the travel mongers, the city called Bukhara has lots of historical sites for the vintage art and culture lovers. Do not miss to make a visit to the following places:

  • Samanid Mausoleum
  • Kalyan Minaret
  • Zindan
  • Chor Minor
  • Bolo Hauz Mosque

Bukhara Travel Guide

Bukhara is a holy city, thus making a travel to this place is extremely safe and secure. Here you would get to see a glimpse of ancient Russia as the city has preserved its ancient architecture in an amazing way. Apart from this, for the shoppers the market complex is a place to visit as this will make it possible for them to get hands over some unique pieces.

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