The Edinburgh Experience: Let the Scottish Capital Captivate You

Edinburgh is Scotland's proud capital, and it is the perfect place to introduce yourself to Scottish culture and cuisine. Apart from London, there is no other city in the UK that is as respected and revered as Edinburgh is,  and the city is one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. What makes Edinburgh incredible is its amazing atmosphere, which combines modernity with a medieval feeling quite spectacularly. Full of sights and sounds, Edinburgh is on the bucket list of many a traveler around the world, and no wonder why!

Places to Stay in Edinburgh

As is the norm for a tourist hot spot, Edinburgh is full of hotels and accommodation that cater to various budgets. However, the high demand for rooms throughout the year makes Edinburgh somewhat more expensive than other parts of Scotland. While budget hotels are available, during the months of August, and particularly during Christmas time, even cheap hotels charge steep prices, as most hotels remain full. For the best hotel deals in Edinburgh, it is recommended to visit Alkamilbooking.com and get your booking done as soon as possible.

Places to See in Edinburgh

Edinburgh's top tourist destination is undoubtedly the historic Edinburgh Castle, which remains in superb condition, despite being used for 1000 years or more. Other architectural landmarks include Craigmillar Castle, St. Giles' Cathedral, Gladstone's Land and the Scottish Parliament. Immerse yourself in Scottish culture and history at the National Museum of Scotland, which features extensive information about Scotland inside, and the very best of modern Scottish architecture outside.

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Whatever your budget is for your trip to the Scottish capital, simply visit Alkamilbooking.com to find discounts that would definitely do you a world of good. Even in the peak tourist months, we would be happy to find you a room that lets you stay in peace and comfort.

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