Alkamilbooking.com Offers Amazing Hotel Deals for a Fantastic Fujairah Experience

Fujairah is one of the seven constituent emirates of the UAE, and despite always being in the shadow of the likes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it makes for a worthwhile stop if you have travel plans to the UAE anytime soon. Fujairah City is the emirate's commercial center, and it has witnessed massive development over the years. While its roads, offices, markets, malls and highways reflect the modern UAE, there is much to learn about its culture and traditions if you take a step away from the city.

Places to Stay in Fujairah

Fujairah is not as wealthy as the likes of Dubai, and as a result, the number of luxury hotels is limited. However, Al Diar Siji Hotel Fujairah, Miramar Beach Resort, Fujairah Rotana Beach Resort and Radisson Blu Resort Hotel Fujairah are fantastic options if you want a lavish stay in Fujairah. Alkamilbooking.com can help you get the best hotel offers in Fujairah at the most reputed hotels. You can get terrific hotel discounts at comparatively budget hotels like YHA Hostel and Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort as well.

Places to See in Fujairah

Fujairah City's top tourist attraction has to be the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the second largest mosque in UAE. Built not too long ago, the mosque showcases Islamic architecture at its awe-inspiring best. Just outside the city lies the restored Fujairah Fort. Even though it is much smaller compared to some of UAE's most well-known forts, there is much to be learned here about Fujairah and its past. The fort museum is a must visit.

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