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Negombo is one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent cities. In terms of size, it’s the fourth largest in the country, and it also doubles up as one of the important commercial hubs. Negombo was a well-known quantity to the outside world well before it became what it is today, thanks in particular to its wild cinnamon, which many spice traders used to regard as the best in the world. Today, Negombo is home to a huge fishing industry, and it is also a huge hit with tourists in Sri Lanka.

Places to Stay in Negombo

Negombo has always been a popular city for tourists coming to Sri Lanka, and as a result, it boasts of some fine hotels. If you wish to make your stay as luxurious as you possibly can, book rooms at hotels such as the Lespri Grand, St. Lachlan Hotel & Suites, and Dickman Resort. However, if you want to keep your accommodation costs low, consider booking rooms at Sha Residence, Hotel Dorset, and Blue Horizon Guest House.

Places to Visit in Negombo

Tourism in Negombo mostly revolves around the Negombo lagoon, and it’s recommended that you sign up for a boating or a sightseeing tour. Along with the beauty of the coastline, the lagoon also offers a glimpse into the lives of the local fishermen, and also a wide variety of flora and fauna that is supported by the lagoon. The city is also home to several remnants of bygone eras that include Dutch and Portuguese buildings, which are definitely worth seeing.

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