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Moscow and St. Petersburg are undoubtedly two of Russia’s most prominent cities. But not far behind them in terms of prominence stands the city of Samara, the sixth largest in the country, and one that perhaps has the prettiest cityscape. Situated at the confluence of the Samara and the Volga Rivers and surrounded by hills and mountains, the city is an absolute delight to explore for tourists, and more so if you book your hotel and accommodation from Alkamilbooking.com.

The Hotels to Look Out for in Samara

Samara is one of Russia’s most important cultural and commercial hubs, and as a result, it is home to a wide variety of hotels, catering to not just budget travellers, but luxury tourists as well. Find quality hotel offers in Samara from Alkamilbooking.com, and you could get to stay at well-known hotels such as Holiday Inn Samara, Hotel Green Line Samara, Ibis Samara, Azimut Hotel Samara, Hotel Graf Orlov, and Renaissance Samara Hotel.

Places to Visit in Samara

Samara is one of the most developed cities in Russia, and a tour of the city would be a great way to introduce yourself to modern Russia. What makes Samara special is its picturesque embankment. Located right at the heart of the city, the embankment is regarded by many as the world’s prettiest. It stretches 5 km., and it is a favorite amongst not just tourists, but locals as well. The Samara Cosmos space museum is also worth a visit.

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