Samarkand- A Modern City That Presents A Unique Amalgamation Of Old & New

Samarkand is one such place that fits into that vacation slot almost effortlessly, no matter what kind of trip you are planning, this city has it all. With historical reflections and modern day vibes, this is a vibrant city that promises you a fun filled vacation.

Best Place to Stay In Samarkand

Booking hotels for Samarkand is extremely easy, most of the hotels have their websites and this makes online hotel booking easy. The tourists can go with the cheapest hotel booking site to learn about the most affordable hotel options and then book the one that fits into the budget.

Historical Places in Samarkand

Apart from all those monuments, architectural sites and cultural centers, there are lots of historical sites in Samarkand too which the tourists can add to the travel itinerary when planning the sightseeing. These are:

  • Amir Temur Monument
  • Rukhobod Mausoluem
  • Bibi Khanym Mosque
  • Afrasiyab Settlement

In order to ensure a hassle visit to all these places, make sure that you pick a hotel that has easy access to public and private transport facilities.

Travel Tips For Samarkand

Samarkand is an important landmark city and is a home to many monuments and architectural structures. Being an ancient city, here you are going to find lots of interesting structures. With normal air connectivity, reaching here is not tough and if we talk of the hotel bookings, cheap hotel booking sites can be of great help.

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