Tashkent- A City That Gets That Real Tourist Spirit Out

With a little of everything on the platter, Tashkent is a city that brings out that real tourist spirit. Known for its museums, manuscripts, historical buildings and Buddhist artifacts, this place is amongst the most common travel destinations out there.

Best Place to Stay In Tashkent

When it comes to accommodation, Tashkent is a city that provides tourists with ample of opportunities to save money. The tourists just need to look out for a cheapest hotel booking site and then check out for the currently available hotel deals. The price range for the hotels here begins from around $50 per night, but still there is a lot of room to save money with cheap hotel deals.

Historical Places in Tashkent

Sightseeing in Tashkent is mostly about visiting the historical sites present here, the ones that you too need to make a visit are:

  • Amir Timur Museum
  • Tashkent Tower
  • Tashkent Botanical Garden
  • Museum of Geology, Tashkent
  • Kukeldash Madrasah
  • Museum of victims of Repressions

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Tashkent Travel Guide

If you are a foodie, book a hotel in old part of the city as it is a center for local cuisine. The streets are wide and the city acts as a complete metropolis giving you all the facilities you need for sightseeing.

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