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Hotels in Bahrain

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About Bahrain

In Arabic Bahrain means “Two Seas”, the country has emerged as a trader in pearls until the 19th century. The country is situated in the heart of the Gulf is the most welcoming Muslim nation. Manama is a capital and the bustling town of the country and has its own glitz and glam. The decent culinary and art can be prominently seen in the country. You will find plenty of traditional art, craft and pottery workshop in this country. Bahrain sights millions of tourists and leaves them spellbound with the amazing hospitality. Even before the oil reserves, it was the precious jewels from the sea that made this Middle East port country rich and glamorous. The capital city Manama is still raw and lacks the fineness compared to other Gulf capitals, hence keeping the roots alive.

Famous places to visit in Bahrain

Like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Bahrain has its own glitz and glamour to offer to the tourists. Culturally there are plentiful options to keep you busy, you can visit the Bahrain National Museum, the Fort recognized by UNESCO, A’Ali the entombment at Sar the traditional houses in Muharraq. From the Al the Nature reserve for wildlife lovers to the unique diving experience in the Coral Reef. Check out the ancient archeological sites into the country’s rich history. Towards the west, you can enjoy at Sitra, an island covered in date palm groves and freshwater springs. In addition, a lot more places to visit.

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