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Our unique platform connects you to frequent corporate travellers and premium travel agencies, whether you are an exclusive boutique property, a global hotel chain or an independent hotel. Through our Extranet we facilitate marketing your properties and targeted promotions by you with branded content, to our travel buyers across the world incorporating your portfolio into our website. We have 650,000 hotel properties in 180 countries to make you our bouqet.

No Sign-up or Subscription Fees

A world of customers on a platter; Join with free sign-up and no monthly subscription charges.

The world will know about you in scores of languages, through us

Let people from around the world know your property in languages they understand. Either on search engines, or mobile apps, or airlines or websites that compare pricing, actively advertise your property.

User friendly Extranet Interface to manage your property

A unique feature available to our partners is the provision of a highly user-friendly Extranet Interface through seamless integration of resources with the aid of which you can effectively manage your property.

Hotel Chains

Is your room perishable?

Across the world over 27 million hotel rooms await to be filled every night. Unfortunately over 25% of these remain unsold what with even the biggest chains reaching just the optimium mark. You may be using direct channels to market or sell rooms to potential guests worldwide with your size and scale, but’s global reach to over travel agencies and millions of users can add substantial incremental value in increasing your hotel occupancy rates and ensure the perishable product is sold.

Independent or Designer Hotels

Haven't you gone global yet?

70% of the world’s hotels are stand alone and designer hotels. Chain hotels outside North America account for just about 20% of all hotel properties while there is a much larger chunk of non-chain or independent hotel portfolios in Europe and Asia.

Our partners benefit commendably when they connect to our Travel Commerce Platform through flexible and cost effective ways while integrating their inventory. Simultaneously to aid the launch and promotion of your brand globally, we deliver instant news and relevant offers from you to the point of purchase to travel agency desktops numbering well over 200,000.

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